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How Botox can Help With Slightly Hooded Eyes, and When Eyelid Surgery is More Appropriate Amiya Prasad, M.D.. and how it works on the muscles in a procedure like the Botox brow lift

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Botox is a muscle paralyzing substance that is injected into or near facial muscles by a doctor or nurse injector to weaken or prevent it from working for a period of months. It may seem counter-intuitive that paralyzing facial muscles can lift your brow, but this is exactly how Botox works.

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The disadvantage of eyebrow lifts with Botox and Dysport is indeed that they are only temporary and can lift the brow by only a few millimeters, while a surgical procedure can lift it up to a centimeter or more. "The lift with a chemical eyebrow procedure is not going to be five millimeters," Dr. Cockerham said.

Eyebrow lifts rejuvenate and renew the skin above the eyes, A Botox eyebrow lift can create results that are remarkably similar to that of a.

The brow lift is frequently confused by patients. Patients who want their eyes lifted, also known as a brow lift, often ask for their forehead to be injected. If the forehead muscle is treated alone, the patient won’t get a lift, but instead will often "drop." To get an eye lift you must treat the muscles that pull downward around the eyes.

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If botox diffuses into the muscle, the levator weakens, so you can’t lift your windowshade as high. This is not common. If it does happen there are eyedrops which help correct it, and the effect wears off. The other reason is the more common one, and it stems from injecting botox into the forehead.

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I like the idea of a thread lift to hoick up my jaw, or an op to remove eye bags, but I’m averse to Botox and fillers. I’m needle phobic, which doesn’t help. And I’ve also discovered that a really gre.

Botox can be used in your case to lift the outer tail of the eyebrow and elevate the brow which will gently lift the upper eyelid. The depressor muscle responsible for the eyebrow drooping is relaxed and the elevator muscles remain active and so the result is that the eyes will look more open and fresher.