cosmetic jaw surgery

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"Minor surgery is surgery someone else is having," a man getting ready to have an operation once observed. While surgery is routine (more than 15 million Americans have surgery each year), it’s certainly not routine for you. If you have moderate to severe jaw problems that can’t be resolved with orthodontics alone, it may be time to get the facts on the different types of corrective jaw.

Introduction Cosmetic jaw surgery is also known as orthognathic surgery, a term which is more appropriate. orthognathic surgery involves correction of dentofacial deformity but not always for cosmetic reasons. We are all used to recognising crowded / irregular teeth or rather malocclusion which may require orthodontic treatment.

Cosmetic jaw surgery can improve chin and jawline contours, reduce jowls and help achieve better facial balance and harmony in patients who desire a more pronounced or masculine jaw. Jaw augmentation is often combined with other facial contouring procedures such as chin implant surgery, cheek implant surgery and facelift.

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Corrective jaw surgery, or orthognathic surgery, is a group of procedures performed to correct dentofacial irregularities, most commonly manifested as misalignments of the jaws.

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Jaw Reduction. Dr. Chaboki offers BOTOX® Cosmetic as an alternative to plastic surgery. This minimally invasive treatment can slim or contour the jaw line by reducing the masseter muscles on the sides of the jaw. BOTOX changes the shape of your face gradually to create a smaller and more feminine jaw line.

Orthognathic jaw surgery may reposition all or part of the upper jaw, lower jaw and/or the chin. Some patients require surgery of the upper jaw and lower jaw often called "double jaw surgery". In some cases, other facial cosmetic surgery may be done simultaneously with orthognathic jaw surgery.

JAW & FACE CONTOURING. Instead, we are talking about the cheeks, jaw, chin, forehead and the overall shape of the face. The most common procedures for face contouring are: zygoma reduction (cheek bone reduction), mandible reduction (square jaw reduction) and chin alternation (genioplasty, implant or shaving).

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